Are you asking yourself questions like these?
  • How do I maximize my company’s new business opportunities and sales revenue?
  • How do I get the highest return on the investments we make in marketing to drive leads and sales?
  • What marketing tactics work best for generating qualified, sales-ready leads in today’s competitive marketplace?
  • Should I be spending my money in print advertising, banner ads on the web, direct mail, e-mail, telemarketing, tradeshows, seminars or pay-per-click?
  • How do I make my salespeople more efficient at proposing and closing sales?
  • How do I help my sales people avoid wasting their precious selling time dealing with non-prospects?
  • How do I get my company’s salespeople in front of qualified prospects who can and will buy?

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Mac McIntosh, considered one of North America's leading business-to-business marketing and sales consultants, is an expert on new business development.

He’s helped dozens of companies like yours to put together cost-effective and efficient marketing programs proven to generate more sales-ready leads and close more sales.

Mac knows what works best in today’s tough business environment (and what doesn’t work) for generating and closing new business opportunities. He’ll help you invest your precious money, time and resources where they will get the biggest return on your investment.

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